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The 64 Dakini Temple Project

What is a Dakini and what can Dakini energy mean in our lives? Originating in the yogic and tantric traditions of the East, a Dakini is an expression of feminine wisdom-energy. Distillations of archetypal emanations, the Dakinis represent those essence principles within the self which are capable of transformation to a higher octave.


"Look into the mirror of your mind, the mysterious home of the Dakini."

The secret Dakinis guard the deeper mysteries of the self. Representing upsurging inspiration and non-conceptual understanding, Dakinis invite you to cut free of all limitations. They are unconventional, unexpected, spontaneous, dancing in great bliss, at one with divine truth.

In the eastern tradition, a cycle of 64 Dakinis/Yoginis represents a complete cosmogram for the transformation of the self, embodying the total energy cycle of creation as depicted by the dance of Gnosis, the wisdom and energy of the Divine Feminine. In representing this complete cycle we have the opportunity of evoking not only the Goddess, but of manifesting the totality of the Great Goddess herself. This is the powerful vortex we wish to establish in the form of a circular Goddess Temple for the new millennium.

Yogini/Dakini temples flourished in India around the 9th through the 12th centuries. Erected in remote places, especially on hilltops, the temples were circular enclosures open to the sky. Around the inner circumference were 64 niches which housed exquisite stone carvings representing various aspects of the Goddess energy, creating a circular mandala around a central image of Shiva, symbol of Cosmic Consciousness and the one-pointedness of yogic discipline.Our contemporary Dakini Temple will utilize this Tantric blueprint, translating it into the language of the new media to create 21st century versions of the powerful Yogini temples.

Traditional Dakini Temple

The Goddess Temple holds the vision for constructing a physical  Dakini/Yogini Temple. On a hilltop which commands a 360° view of pristine redwood forests, there is a special energy vortex and sacred site where the Temple could be built. The land had already been dedicated to this purpose by Christopher Hills. Named "the 8th Domain" it represents the energy field encountered in the realm of mastery above the 7 chakras. The board of the Goddess Temple has held a number of ceremonies on this land to establish the vibration of the Temple and request the participation of the higher realms. A great portal has already been opened.

Our vision for the temple is an open circular enclosure, about 54 feet across with 64 niches, or shrines, around the inner circumference. Each portal would house a full-size life cast of a Dakini, taken of 64 earthly manifestations of Dakini energy. The Temple itself would be a crystalline transparent and translucent structure, veined with gold and with water conduits.

The life casts of our Goddesses should be both light and durable. They can be alternately painted, translucent, and lit from within, decorated and empowered with jewels, swathed in silk or fiber optics. They would represent all the states from most light to most dense, and all the colors of the spectrum. They are coded to the various combinations of the four elements that make up the manifest world – earth, water, fire and air- and, as Dakinis, they all exist within the element of ether, painted as they are on the ‘mind sky’.

Each would be assigned, with the full participation of the particular Dakini, an animal/bird mask representing her particular totemic energy and the various families of creatures inhabiting our planet. These remarkable masks could be removed from the statues and worn by the actual priestesses during dances, rites and initiations.

Sometimes adorned in the traditional ornaments of the Yogini/Dakini, we will embody whichever Goddess forms are appropriate for this time and place, and include cross-cultural references and symbols. This will truly be a temple to the Goddess on an international and interdimensional scale -including a blend of Goddess manifestations from the past with visions of the future. Our aim is integration, not separation. The energies of Isis and Mary, Sophia and Inanna, Aphrodite and Tara, Kali and Kuan Yin will dance together freely in this circle of the divine, along with futuristic and intergalactic Dakinis. Crystal Gaia

Although our temple will draw on the established Tantric tradition, in our circle of Yoginis we have the chance to select those forms that most clearly align with the evolutionary energies suited to the planet of today.

Within the circle of the Divine Feminine there will be a revolving circular floor or stage lit from below. This will illuminate the lotus circles and sacred geometries of mandalas, inlaid on the floor with translucent colors or holographically projected.

This kind of temple is a transformation center, related to the solar plexus center of the subtle body which, in the Tantric tradition, is visualized as having 64 rays emanating from it. The Yogini Temples were centers of high initiation. We predict that ceremonies of incredible power can be conducted here. The forces of light and the Devic (God/Goddess) realms can be contacted and attracted to this circle of transformation. When the circle is created with clear intent, all who enter and participate are viewed as equal and pure. There is great beauty in this concept. It is the creation of heaven on earth and the interdimensional magic theater.    

The portals of the Dakini Temple correspond with 64 sacred sites on the planets, and 64 celestial bodies, creating a kind of ‘light acupuncture’ when all align. The vision we hold sees full alignment with the star map of 2012.

This vision is completely realizable if the support comes for the project. If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation towards the creation of the 64 Dakini Temple, sponsoring a Dakini and/or pilgrimages to the sacred sites, please go to the Donations section of the site.

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