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'Dedicated to the Goddess in us allí


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The Goddess Temple is established, in consciousness and in reality, as a template on earth to receive and transmit the grace of the Goddess.At this stage in the evolutionary unfoldment of the planet, the Goddess wants to emerge within us all to show how we can live our lives in total resonance with Divine Principles.

Isis We at the Goddess Temple hold sacred space for this emergence on every level and set no limits upon Her potential to manifest through us in every aspect of our being. We do not limit the Goddess energy to any time, race, culture, or gender. Through the sacred arts we seek to give form to the vast spectrum of energies and consciousness that we understand as Goddess, bringing them into being as portals of Her Energy.†††††

We believe in the second coming of the Goddess. She will be born again in the hearts of those who are open to Her path of compassionate passion and live there as divinity in action. It is the time of the re-emergence of the feminine to bring about balance. If this change is to be truly evolutionary, we need to look to the Divine Feminine for our role models and archetypes of the emergent consciousness. It is She who needs to find a place of honor within the hearts and souls of men and women alike, firing our hearts and igniting our loins.

Goddess Temple Aerial View

The Goddess wants to be our refuge and our strength in these troubled times. Her path of the power of the heart is the solution for our age. It is the time for the Divine Feminine to be re-born in the heart of every being. The Goddess Temple is dedicated to that cause. The Goddess Temple is created as a blueprint to show that we can live our dreams, express the full potential of our unique creativity, and not be restricted or confused by limitation. Once we place our selves at the feet of the Goddess and surrender to Her Grace, our lives can become truly blessed. She wants us to be all that we can be, and She is ready and willing to help us all, if we just reach out to Her.

The Goddess Temple is dedicated to reaching out to, honoring, and celebrating the many forms of the Goddess as she appears throughout time, culture, ethnicities and faiths of the planet. We do not believe that the emergent Goddess energy should be limited to any of her aspects. We open the portals for Her full spectrum manifestation. The 64 Dakini Temple project is a powerful way in which we can give form to the many who are one. It is a time of evolution for many of the traditional Goddess emanations. Aphrodite, for example, has communicated that she wishes to evolve to the vibration of unconditional love. At the Goddess Temple, we wish to help facilitate these transitions.


At the Goddess Temple we believe in the wisdom of direct experience. We see ourselves as facilitators of that experience. The true role of Guru, Priestess or Priest is to act as intermediary only in so far as they help bring that direct experience (of the Divine) to those who come to them. Through the tools of the new media, Goddess Temple is dedicated to bringing this experience to the world.

For a Temple of the Goddess to be dynamic and effective in this day and age, we believe it has to exist and operate in several dimensions simultaneously. Firstly, it must have firm roots deeply planted in direct spiritual connection.



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