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'Dedicated to the Goddess in us all’


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Rev. Penny Slinger For Minister Penny Slinger Hills (see PennySlinger.com) the Goddess has been a strong moving force in her life for many years. In 1993, when she was in the process of separating from her Tantric partner and spiritual teacher of 20 years, going through a dark night of the soul, she had a powerful experience of her direct connection to the Goddess. At that time she totally committed herself to the path of the Goddess and asked Her to use her as a vehicle for Her work. This was the dedication to which Penny committed the rest of her life.
In 1994 she was recognized by the great humanitarian, entrepreneur and yogi, Dr. Christopher Hills (see DrHills.com and GoddessInternational.com). Christopher passed away at the beginning of 1997. The conditions of his passing and the spiritual work that was done by Christopher Hills prior to and after he crossed over, give full indication that Christopher is now an Ascended Master. Although he is no longer in the flesh, he continues to be a guiding light for the emergent Goddess energy, working with us from the spiritual realms to fulfill the vision he held so close to his heart.
Dr. Hills & Rev. Penny

He built the Goddess Temple as a Sanctuary for the Goddess. It was constructed with divine guidance along the principles of sacred geometry. He named the land ‘The Garden of Forgiveness’. The Temple is situated on a 35 acre estate in the Redwood forests. Dr. Hills recognized a deep spiritual connection with nature, and created many sacred shrines throughout the groves. His ashes are enshrined in the Grove called ‘The Magnificat’. This grove was named by Christopher and represents the moment of the annunciation, when the Virgin Mary is told she is with child, and the showering down of divine energy and joy that happens in that moment. Dr. Christopher Hills entrusted Penny with the guardianship of the Temple and Redwoods estate. Over the years many gatherings and ceremonies have been held here in honor of the sacred nature of this place and in order to share the blessings that it holds.

Tibetan Tent & Workshop Area

The Goddess Temple sees itself as a prototype for spirituality in action and as a shining example on the planet that confirms, ‘Yes, we can live our dreams’. It feels of crucial importance at this time on the planet to bring everything back to the heart. This is one of the great principles that the Goddess represents. If all dealings in finance, business and commerce were to be first and foremost checked out by the heart, we would have a very different world now. The Goddess wants that world, and we in her service at the Temple have dedicated all we are and all we can do to help bring in this evolved perspective. It is all rooted in sense of self. How big is the self? Once one understands the vastness of the true Self, which includes all creation, then we will begin to treat all other beings, animate and inanimate as extension of ourselves, not separate. This is the healing the Goddess wishes to bring to each individual for the health and well being of the planet herself. Through sacred arts and conscious intention the Goddess Temple hopes to spread Her message far and wide. As Christopher Hills used to say, “The Goddess needs to press the heart button of the planet, then everyone will wonder why they ever did things in that old energy inefficient way”.

Our intention is for the Goddess Temple to be a glowing beacon of Goddess light for the planet, showing that to live by Her principles and love is the way to create Heaven on Earth, in our hearts and in our daily living reality. We wish to exhibit that it is possible to live a spiritual life while engaging with the world. It is possible to have everything one does and is, every choice one makes, directed by spirit. The path of the Goddess is to unite spirit and flesh in the glorious celebration that is true conscious living. We are Her examples and we seek the support of those whose hearts have awakened to the call of the Goddess to help us make this work. To prove that miracles can happen and that humans do not need to be trapped in limitation, to see the vast potential of the human being, to live a life of magic, and love once they are connected back home to the heart of the Goddess.

The team at the Temple have received Goddess-given gifts of artistic and creative expression enabling them to craft the energy of the Goddess into beautiful offerings that can go out far and wide to spread her vibration.


Front Entrance to the Temple

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