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Our vision of what it takes to be an effective 21st Century Goddess Temple: 

1.       Direct spiritual connection of depth and breadth. The sacred path of the Goddess includes our planet and our flesh, as well as direct relationship to the Divine. Through the practice of Tantra and Goddess devotion, these connections are in place.

2.       An established spiritual network that includes incarnate beings, spiritual entities and beings of light. During his lifetime Dr Christopher Hills dedicated much of his time to creating networks, working systems based on principles of light and love. Penny Slinger Hills, as custodian of the Goddess Temple, has continued this tradition through gatherings, ceremony and sacred art. She is deeply aware of the role of the spiritual dimensions, and always includes and invites the ‘invisible realms’ to participate. In our perception, all realms are interconnected, and if the human dimension makes an evolutionary shift, the ripple effect will permeate all realms.

3.       Lineage. Transmitted through Christopher Hills and Penny is a powerful spiritual lineage, rooted in the compassionate and passionate aspects of Goddess Love.

4.       A physical center to ground and manifest the energy, standing as an example of spirituality in action. The perfect Temple and grounds have been entrusted to Penny Slinger Hills for this purpose.

5.       Direct connection to the land and the Goddess who is our planet. Christopher Hills established deep loving connections with the elementals, the trees and the nature spirits of this land, bringing into alignment the psycho-emotional network of this estate. We have continued to honor and develop that connection.

6.       Experience of and connection to the various faiths and traditions of the planet. Both Dr Christopher Hills and Reverend Penny Slinger Hills have independently studied the belief systems that have arisen on earth during the course of its history. Penny is sensitive to and appreciative of the many approaches to the Divine, from the East to the West, including deep appreciation for the spiritual paths of indigenous peoples. The Goddess Way is all-inclusive.

7.       An ability to open portals for the direct experience of Sacred Energy. For many years the Goddess Temple has been actively involved in spiritual practices designed to open evolutionary energetic portals and communication in many realms. It is our belief that the role of the new priest or priestess is to provide ways for aspirants to receive the direct transmission and experience of Goddess Energy.

8.       An ability to communicate the Goddess energy. Penny Slinger Hills and the team at the Temple have worked for many years developing skills in the area of communication. Centered in the arts and new technology, they now have many interconnected and supportive means of channeling the Goddess message to the world, as well as impart initiation on a one to one basis.

9.       A cyberspace presence. Global communication. The Goddess Temple is actively developing its web presence. The 64 Dakini Oracle (which should be completed over the next 2 years) will be a Goddess Temple of Initiation for the planet on the world-wide web.

If anyone reads these words and feels a deep resonance and is in a position to help substantially, we would be happy to give a tour of the Temple and estate and discuss in depth the nature of the Goddess vision and our specific goals.

Please go to www.drhills.com  to find out more about Dr Christopher Hills, how he brought Spirulina to the modern world as a real answer to world hunger, and his living legacy of light and love. Click the ‘Goddess’ button to see ‘Wizard’s Quest for Goddess Realization’, and read the qualities that Christopher Hills was looking for in the ‘earthly manifestation of the Goddess energy’ he was seeking to find.

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